Metal Free Crowns

Crowns are tooth shaped pieces of porcelain or metal that go over teeth. We use exclusively porcelain restorations that are shaded to match your existing teeth. There are many reasons why a crown may be recommended for a tooth; If there is too much tooth decay to fix the tooth with a simple filling, if the tooth is broken, if the tooth has had a root canal.

Crowns can also be used to change the shape, color, size and even position (in some cases) of teeth.

During the first visit for a crown, we remove some tooth structure from around the tooth. This will make room for the crown. We then take an impression of the tooth so our laboratory can make your new porcelain crown. We will make a temporary crown that you will have over your tooth for the two weeks that it takes to get the crown back from the lab. When the new crown is ready, we will remove the temporary and fit the new crown to your tooth. It will then be cemented with a strong cement to hold it in place.

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