Root Canal Treatment

In modern dentistry, root canal therapy has become a relatively painless procedure that will allow you to keep a tooth instead of losing it to decay.

Extensive decay, an accident, tooth fracture, or gum disease can kill teeth and cause root canal symptoms such as pain when biting or pressing on the tooth, sensitivity to cold or hot that lingers longer than usual, or a dental abscess.

Regardless of the root canal cause, your teeth can be saved using modern root canal therapy. A root canal refers to the area within the root of a tooth, but also refers to the procedure used to treat infections of this area of the tooth.

When the root area of a tooth becomes infected it causes pain and sometimes swelling.

During a root canal procedure, Dr. Ellis’ removes the infected tissue and the nerve of the tooth, thus eliminating the pain. The space is disinfected and filled.

In most cases the tooth will need a crown after the root canal is done. The entire procedure is usually accomplished in 2 visits. However, if there is long standing infection, extra appointments may be needed to insure that the infection is gone before making the crown for the tooth.

Dr. Ellis has undertaken extensive training in the treatment of root canal disease. He enjoys the challenge a root canal can present as he locates, treats and fills all the infected parts of the tooth. Often he finds that a tooth treated by another dentist was not completely treated when a patient presents with pain on a previously treated tooth. He also enjoys the challenge of finding that root that was missed and providing the patient relief.

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