Emergency Dentist Appointments in Fort Worth, TX

$168 Emergency Exam + X-Ray

Experiencing a dental emergency? For a limited time, receive an emergency exam and x-ray for only $168!

Do you need an emergency dentist appointment for an oral injury, tooth pain, or broken restoration? Our Forth Worth dentistry offers urgent dental care to provide patients with the fast, gentle treatment they need. In the case of a dental emergency, call Mira Vista Dental right away to schedule the earliest available appointment!

Dr. Ellis and his skilled teamwoman in need of an emergency dental appointment due to tooth pain understand how painful and inconvenient dental emergencies can be. To prevent your symptoms from interfering with your daily life, our team will do our best to provide same-day emergency care and relieve your pain as quickly as possible. At Mira Vista Dental, we offer emergency dentistry for a variety of conditions, including:

Knocked Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth can be extremely painful and disruptive. If you suffer a knocked-out tooth, we'll do our best to provide urgent dental care as quickly as possible! Call us right away to relieve your pain and restore your complete, functional smile.

Broken Tooth

Even healthy teeth can sometimes need emergency dental treatment for an emergency crack, chip, break. If you suffer an oral injury that leaves you with a damaged tooth, don't try to treat it at home. Schedule your emergency visit with Dr. Ellis as soon as possible!

Dental Abscess

If you're experiencing pain and swelling in the mouth, it could be caused by a dental abscess, an infection that requires immediate treatment. If you suspect you may have a dental abscess, Dr. Ellis will administer an emergency exam and determine the best route of treatment to stop the infection in its tracks and prevent further damage.

Broken Dental Filling

If you've experienced a broken dental filling, don't wait to get the repair you need. The faster you visit us for your broken restoration, the better — Dr. Ellis and his team will help you keep the problem from becoming bigger and more painful! We'll use state-of-the-art filling material to restore your smile as quickly as possible.

Tooth Pain

Are you suffering from a toothache that just won't go away? Experiencing tooth pain when you eat and drink could indicate a more serious condition, like a cavity or dental abscess. Our dentist will administer a gentle, thorough emergency exam to determine the root cause of the tooth pain. He'll then go over your customized treatment recommendations and help you create a plain to restore your healthy smile!

Oral Injury and Dental Trauma

man holding his mouth from tooth painIf you experience an oral injury or dental trauma, it's important to take action right away! Whether your smile has experienced trauma due to an accident, sports injury, fall, or other situation, the first moments after the injury are critical in setting your smile up for a proper recovery. Your emergency dental exam will help Dr. Ellis determine the best plan of action for your unique situation.

Do You Need Emergency Dentistry in Fort Worth?

If you've suffered an injury or accident resulting in a damaged restoration, cracked tooth, or long-lasting tooth pain, Dr. Ellis and his team are here to help repair and restore your smile. Call right away to schedule your emergency dentist appointment!

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